Welcome To the Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing Society, (Regd) CECHS, Islamabad.

The Civilian Employees Housing Cooperative Society, (Regd) CECHS, Islamabad was established in the year 1994 with the objective to provide the members with high quality housing schemes in capital city. The society was registered under Co-Operative Societies Act 1925 vide Registration Number 319, with the Registrar Cooperative Societies Islamabad in 1994 and the LOP designed by the senior engineers and architectures was approved on July 07, 1994. In 1989 – 1999 the first MC hold the power and the first election was held in February, 2000 for CECHS and the Colonel Azhar was elected as the President of the Society and proper notification was announced in April, 2000 by the Registrar Cooperative Societies Islamabad (ICT). The aim and object for establishment of the Society was to provide state of the art residential and commercial units and Modern facilities in the Centre of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) to the people on no Profit no Loss basis.

Land measuring about 3900 Kanals was acquired in the jurisdiction of Islamabad/Rawalpindi near DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town Rawalpindi. After completion of development work plots of different size (25 × 50, 30 x 50, 40 x 90, 75 x 120) 4730 residential units and 840 commercial Units have been allotted to the members of society in Phase-I and 3041 residential units of  (55×90, 40×80, 35×65 and 25×55) on 2061 Kanals are allotted in Phase-II up to the year 2022, The society has a total of 9320 members out of which 6549 are active members. This Society was re-named as “Soan Garden” the first phase of the society is in the Centre of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) situated in Tehsil Lohi Bher Awan under the preview of Union Council (UC-33) Islamabad. It is a very beautiful, elegant well planned housing society and offers comfortable and healthy lifestyle to its members and new investors as well.

As per verdict of our honorable Chairman Mr. Ansar Mehmood Gondal and President Mr. Raza Mehmood Gondal, the society’s achievements demonstrate that we have done what others are just now planning to do. We have achieved all our commitments and plans in terms of enabling members to construct their Residential Villas, Homes and Commercial Plaza with high quality and shift to a society with all basic modern facilities and services are readily available.

Due to successful completion of the project, quality work and members’ satisfaction, the society will Insha’Allah get the award of the best cooperative society in Rawalpindi / Islamabad. We will continue our efforts to provide other interested members of the community with high quality residential facilities in Soan Garden Phase-II and Soan Garden Farm House near CPEC / New International Airport Islamabad.