Building Approval Plans

  • To get the building plans approved, members should obtain a copy of construction guidelines prepared by the Society for this purpose.
  • Obtain a list of Architecture/Engineers enlisted by the Society for the convenience of the members along with a list of Architects approved by CDA.
  • Get their plans prepared by any of the above-stated architects in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Society and Islamabad Building Regulations 2005 of CDA adopted by the Society.
  • Submit requisite plans in the society’s office.
  • Applications for approval of plans shall be made on Form A-1 duly signed by the owner.
  • Three sets of plans shall be submitted along with a certificate from the Architect/Engineer on Form A-2.
  • Building Control Cell of the Society shall after due scrutiny approve the plans if conforming to the guidelines stated above and CDA building regulations. Plans not conforming to the above-stated regulations shall be returned unapproved for resubmission.
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